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Skoretz, SA, Yau, TM, Ivanov, J, Granton, JT, & Martino, R. Dysphagia and associated risk factors following extubation in cardiovascular surgical patients. Dysphagia. 2014. 29:647-54.

Flowers HL, Flamand-Roze C, Denier C, Roze E, Silver FL, Rochon E, Skoretz SA, Baumwol K, Burton L, Harris G, Langdon C, Shaw S, Martino R. English adaptation, international harmonization, and pretesting of the Language Screening Test (LAST). Aphasiology. 2015 Feb;29(2):214-236.

Shaw, SM, Flowers, H, O’Sullivan, B, Hope, A, Liu, LWC, & Martino, R. The effect of prophylactic percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube placement on swallowing and swallow-related outcomes in patients undergoing radiotherapy (with or without chemotherapy) for head and neck cancer. Dysphagia. In Press.

Tiffany Tram featured in issue of University of Toronto’s EDGE Summer 2014

Photo by Christopher Wahl, from EDGE (University of Toronto)

Tiffany Tram

Excerpt from EDGE:

[Tiffany] Tram is a research coordinator for Martino’s current study on the medical outcomes of dysphagia that measures the complications caused by the condition. The study focuses on the effects of a swallowing disorder on nutrition, the lungs and on a patient’s mental health.

“The hard part of this research is that we have to make sure everything we find is translatable to all patients. That’s why it is important that I find a variety of patients with dysphagia. We want to collect unbiased facts, not generalities.”

The University of Toronto’s Research and Innovation Magazine, called EDGE, profiles of one of our research coordinators in their summer issue. Check out the complete article!

(Photo credit: Christopher Wahl for EDGE)