Current Grants

A Randomized Phase II/III Trial of De-Intensified Radiation Therapy for Patients with Early-Stage, p16-Positive, Non-Smoking Associated Oropharyngeal Cancer. (2019-2025) (co-Chair Swallowing Outcomes) Funded by: National Institutes of Health

Creation of a TOR-BSST© eLearning Platform for Dysphagia Screeners. (2019-2020) (Principal Investigator) Funded by: Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Efficacy of the rehabilitation planning consult for survivors of head and neck cancer: A phase II randomized controlled trial. (2018 – 2021) (Co-Investigator) Funded by: Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute

The development and validation of a novel tool for the assessment of bulbar dysfunction in ALS. (2018 – 2023) (Co-Investigator) Funded by: National Institutes of Health, National Institutes of Deafness and Communications Disorders

Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Swallowing Disorders (2018 – 2023) (Principal Investigator) Funded by: Canada Research Chairs

PRO-ACTIVE: Comparing the effectiveness of PROphylACTic swallow InterVEntion for patients receiving radiotherapy for head and neck cancer (2017 – 2022) (Co-Principal Investigator) Funded by: Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (US)

Pediatric feeding and dysphagia service provision in Canada (2017 – 2019) (Co-Investigator) Funded by: Speech-Language and Audiology Canada

Finding/Identifying primaries with Neck Disease (FIND Trial): A pilot study integrating transoral robotic surgery, histopathologic localization, and tailored de-intensification of radiotherapy for unknown primary and small oropharyngeal head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (2017 – 2018) (Co-Investigator) Funded by: Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, Innovation Funds for Surgical Oncology

Developing a patient-oriented rehabilitation research agenda (2017 – 2018) (Co-Investigator) Funded by: Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Patient-Oriented Research Collaboration Grant

Swallowing substudy to ‘A randomized phase II trial for patients with p16 positive non-smoking associated, locoregionally advanced oropharyngeal cancer’ (2016-2020) (Co-Investigator)  Funded by: National Cancer Institute (US)

Impact of dysphagia in patients with acute ischemic stroke: Risk factors, interventions, process measures, and outcomes (2016-2018) (Co-Investigator) Funded by: Physicians Services Incorporated Foundation

Knowledge translation grant for the ongoing enhancement of the “StrokEngine” website (2016-2017) (Co-Investigator) Funded by: Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery

Expiratory muscle strength training: Feasibility of an established training protocol in moderate-to-severe Parkinson`s disease, and the effects on swallowing (2015-2016) (Senior Researcher) Funded by: University Health Network, Collaborative Academic Practice

Development and Pilot Evaluation of a Rehabilitation Consult for Survivors of Head and Neck Cancer (2014-2016) (Co-Investigator) Funded by: Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute

Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Swallowing Disorders (2013-2018) (Principal Investigator) Funded by: Canada Research Chairs

Swallowing substudy to ‘A phase II randomized trail examining quality of life following treatment for early-stage squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx: radiotherapy vs. trans-oral robotic surgery (ORATOR)’ (2013-2017) (Co-Investigator) Funded by: Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute

Changes in Cardiac Function During a Swallow Exercise Program in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease (2013-2016) Funded by: Allied Health Research Fund, University Health Network

Psychometric Testing of a New Scale Measuring Medical Outcomes of Dysphagia (MOD) in Adult Patients with Swallowing Disorders Secondary to Stroke, Cervical Spine Abnormalities and Head and Neck Cancer (2009-2017) (Principal Investigator) Funded by: Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute